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7 “No Internet Secured” Fixes for Windows 10

Wireless networking issues in Windows 10 are usually straightforward to fix. But occasionally you might run into the “No Internet, secured” message. Appearing as a pop-up from the system tray, this error refers to a problem with the wireless configuration or connection.

It’s frustrating, but this error is relatively simple to deal with. It shouldn’t take long to get back online—if you know what you’re doing.

We’ve prepared seven solutions for you to work through, in order, to fix the “No Internet, secured” Windows 10 error.

What Does “No Internet, Secured” Mean?

You may have seen the error message pop up in the System Tray area of the Windows 10 taskbar. Or perhaps as a notification. But what does “No Internet, Secured” actually mean?

An unusually vague message for Windows 10, the error generally means that your internet connection is down. However, it can also appear when you have an active connection.


That’s not surprising. The error is, it seems, intentionally vague. After all, if your computer no longer has an internet connection, whether it is secured or not is irrelevant.

While it can appear on any Windows 10 device, it is particularly common with Microsoft Surface devices. If your computer relies on the same network card or driver, you might see it occur regardless. Other conditions can cause the appearance of the “No Internet, secured” error, too.

Fixing the “No Internet, Secured” Error

Several fixes are available for this error. These depend on your computer setup and network adaptor. As such, not all these fixes will work. However, we’ve listed them in order of likelihood—just work through the tips in order.

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This list will give you an idea of what’s required to fix the “No Internet, secured” error:

  1. Disable your VPN
  2. Refresh the IP configuration
  3. Reset Windsock
  4. Check your PC’s connection properties
  5. Disable IPv6
  6. Update the network device driver
  7. Run Network troubleshooter

Take the time to read the steps carefully before attempting to fix the error.

1. Disable Your VPN

Reckon your PC has connected to the local Wi-Fi network, only to be surprised by the “No Internet, secured” error?

Don’t worry. If you’re using a VPN, the VPN client’s built-in security features can cause this problem. Specifically, it can be the kill-switch that is designed to disconnect you from the internet when the VPN server goes down.

To check if this is the problem, disable your VPN (using the disconnect function) or even exit it entirely. Then take a moment to reconnect to the internet and try a regularly updated website—perhaps a news site.

If everything connects, then the problem was with the VPN server. Update your VPN client if possible, then connect to a new VPN server. If everything connects okay, you’ve fixed the error!

2. Refresh the Windows 10 IP Configuration

Not using a VPN, or experiencing continued incidence of the “No Internet, secured” message?

Some commands are available to help you deal with it. Right-click Start, then select Windows PowerShell. Here, enter the following commands in order:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

This will force your computer to request a new IP address from your local router. In many cases, this will resolve the error.

3. Reset Winsock

Another command-line solution to the “No Internet, secured” error is to reset Winsock.

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Rather than a feature of your local airfield, Winsock is the Windows Sockets API. This is a specification for your PC’s communication with network services, specifically the widely used TCP/IP.

To reset Winsock, use

netsh winsock reset catalog

Wait a moment; if the network doesn’t automatically reconnect, do so manually.

4. Check Your PC’s Connection Properties

Still no joy? It’s time to check your PC’s network adaptor. Open the settings screen by clicking the Wi-Fi connection icon in the system tray, then Network & Internet Settings.

Access network settings to fix the "No internet, secured" error - The Internet Tips

Here, click Change adaptor options, right-click the connection concerned, and click Properties. Confirm the following are checked:

  • Client for Microsoft Networks
  • File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
  • Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
  • Link-layer Topology Discovery Responder

Click OK to confirm. If you made any changes, restart Windows when prompted.

5. Disable IPv6

You can disable IPv6 by repeating the previous step. Simply uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) then click OK to confirm the choice. Restart your Windows 10 PC when prompted.

6. Update Your Network Device Driver

As there is a chance that the device driver for your network card is at fault, it’s worth updating it.

Right-click Start and select Device Manager. Here, expand Network Adapters, select your network device, then right-click and select Update Driver.

Update the driver to fix the "No internet, secured" error - The Internet Tips

Wait while the device driver is updated, then reboot Windows. If successful, Windows 10 should automatically connect to the network as usual.

If this doesn’t work, try Disable device, reboot the computer, then Enable Device.

7. Run Network Troubleshooter in Windows 10

Finally, if you’re still receiving the “No Internet, secured” error message and the computer remains offline, try this.

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Windows 10 features several troubleshooting tools, software toolkits that automatically check for errors and make (or suggest) repairs.

To launch the Network Troubleshooter, press Win + I to open Settings, then Network & internet > Network troubleshooter.

Fix the Windows 10 "No internet, secured" error with the network troubeshooter - The Internet Tips

Follow the steps provided in the tool to repair your network connection.

Easily Fix “No Internet, Secured” Errors in Windows 10

By now you should have resolved your problem and got your Windows 10 PC reconnected. If not, there’s a small possibility that the issue is with the network itself. You might, therefore, try connecting to a different network and comparing the results.

If the issue is with your network, try restarting the router before reconnecting.

Running into other errors? Check for solutions in our guide to the most common Windows 10 errors.

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