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Make work on Gmail easier

Gmail is the most used worldwide as an email service. These days, many people are working in their homes. In such a situation, tasks can be made easier by using the Gmail associated collaboration tools.

Missive –

Missive Web is the best tool. This tool allows the user to have federated chat in the inbox with the team itself and can also compose emails with members. In this, the user gets the facility to create a group. Invite people to join the group. There is also an option to chat privately with team members. It may also be appropriate for official functions.

Todoist –

Or popular task management application and Gmail collaboration tool. Convenience. You can also view the To Do List in the inbox. It also has the option of commenting with the facility of a workflow fitting label system attachment along with a notification feature. You can set your tasks by color code on priority. There are also options for syncing in real time with the device. The stool can also be used for smartphones with the web.

Activeinbox –

If your task is to email or track people, then an Activeinbox can be a good option for you. You can schedule the email to send later. Apart from this, you can make a list of your works. Features like setting reminders for followup are also available. If you have sent an email to someone and they have read the email, it notifies them.

Hiver –

This is a useful chrome-extension for users who are using Gmail for office work these days. With this help, the task can be assigned with the team. There is also a facility to track status. It can also use snoozing for email reminder follow up and notes during the conversion.

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