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How to change Wikipedia language

Change Wikipedia page to any language

Hello friends,
Today I am going to tell you all about easy tips to convert the Wikipedia page to any language you like. With which you can read the information of any Wikipedia by converting it into any language as per your convenience. So let’s start …

Friends, when you open any Wikipedia page, some main tools bar appear in its left side. Which play a big role in improving any Wikipedia page. The tools on the left side of the Wikipedia page have several options, including Main Page, Interaction, Tools, In Others Projects, Print / Export, and Language.

There are also several options for the above mentioned main options appearing in the left side of each Wikipedia page, so the Encyclopaedia page provides great convenience to the readers. If you want to open and read any Wikipedia page, then that Wikipedia page often appears in English language. But you can also read it in other languages.

To read the Wikipedia page in any other language, you have to click on one of the different languages ​​that appear in the Language option among the main options that appear on the left side of the Wikipedia page. On clicking any language of the language in the Wikipedia page, the entire Wikipedia page changes to that language. Now you can read it easily. Or you can convert that Wikipedia page into any language and make it safe by creating PDF file or Ebook.

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