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Computer UPS Price in India Best UPS Collections

An UPS is a powerful device to have around if you experience frequent power fluctuations. It helps prevent loss of unsaved data and protects devices from voltage fluctuations. Buy a UPS online from reliable names such as APC, Microtek, Intex, LuminousZebronics and Amaron to name some. Choose among multiple bank offers, customer ratings and best discounts. 


Computer UPS Price in India Best UPS Collections - The Internet Tips
Computer UPS Price in India Best UPS Collections – The Internet Tips

(Showing 1 – 40 products of 117 products)Sort ByPopularityPrice — Low to HighPrice — High to LowNewest FirstV Guard Sesto 600 UPS4.2

₹2,299₹2,65013% offBest ValueIBALL NIRANTAR UPS-621I UPS4.1

₹1,999₹2,93731% offMicrotek Tuff Power Pro+ 650VA UPS4.2

₹2,199₹2,59915% offNo Cost EMIAPC BX600C-IN BACK – UPS 600 UPS4.3

(535)₹3,249₹3,5759% offAPC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN UPS4.4

₹5,799₹7,12518% offNo Cost EMIZebronics ZEB-U725 UPS4

(871)₹1,566₹1,99921% offZebronics ZEB U-740 UPS4

(958)₹1,749₹1,99912% offAPC Back-UPS BE800-IND UPS4.3

₹5,499₹6,87520% offNo Cost EMIAPC LSW500-IN UPS

₹1,925No Cost EMIAmaron 12 AL 007 smf battery for ups UPS3.8

(223)₹994₹1,27321% offAPC LSW800-IN UPS

₹2,150No Cost EMIAPC LSW1200-IN UPS

₹2,775No Cost EMIAPC Back-UPS BR1500G-IN UPS4.2

₹17,999₹20,00010% offNo Cost EMIZebronics ZEB-U740 ZEB-U740 UPS3.9

(331)₹1,749₹2,09916% offV-Guard SESTO DX 600 FOR DESKTOP UPS ( UPS & BATTERY 2 …4.2

(356)₹2,690₹3,05011% offNo Cost EMIiBall NIRANTAR UPS-621 UPS4

₹1,999₹2,49920% offAPC Back-UPS BE700Y-IND UPS3.8

₹5,399₹6,52517% offNo Cost EMIAPC BR1000G-IN UPS4.3

₹9,378No Cost EMIChampion Line Interactive 800VA Stabilizer + UPS4.1

(553)₹2,599₹3,20018% offLuminous Pro 600 600VA UPS -PRO UPS4.1

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(946)₹2,100₹2,60019% offLuminous LB1000UNO UPS4.3

(207)₹5,099₹5,90013% offiBall 621v UPS3.6

(49)₹1,848₹2,39822% offZebronics ZEB-U1200 UPS4.1

₹4,399No Cost EMIMicrotek UPS TP PRO 650+ UPS4.2

(485)₹2,169₹2,59916% offiBall Nirantar UPS 621i UPS3.9

₹1,995₹2,95832% offEXIDE CHLORIDE SAFE POWER 7AH UPS3.4

(47)₹1,199₹1,2997% offZebronics u-725 600VA 3Plug UPS3.9

₹1,890₹1,9995% offLuminous UNO 600 UPS4.2

₹2,449₹2,457Intex Protector Protector UPS4

₹2,200₹2,59915% offiball 621i UPS

₹1,999₹2,99533% offLuminous Luminous UNO 600 UPS UPS3.9

(54)₹2,499₹3,49928% offCyberPower BU600E-IN UPS3.6

(34)₹3,050₹3,2496% offVGS MARKETINGS FRONTECJIL-2554 CFL HOME UP 45 Heavy Dut…3.3

(26)₹1,200₹1,2906% offAPC BX600C-IN UPS4.1

(80)₹3,249₹3,5759% offiBall 1080V UPS3.9

(27)₹5,394₹5,447Microtek Twin Guard Pro+ 1000VA UPS4.3

(64)₹4,799₹5,94919% offNo Cost EMIMicrotek TwinGuard 1000+VA UPS3.7

(53)₹4,549₹5,65919% offiBall Nirantar 621i UPS4.3

(95)₹1,999₹2,1396% offZebronics u725 ups UPS3.8

(192)₹1,900₹1,9994% offVertiv Emerson Liebert itON CX 600VA UPS4.2

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Buy UPS Online

With frequent power fluctuations and aging electrical distribution grid, utility power is not always a reliable option. All your important data that you were working on your computer can get erased in a fraction of a second whenever there is a power cut. A UPS is what comes to your rescue in situations like these. It can prevent damage that can occur due to power fluctuations, and also gives you enough power to backup your files, so you can start working on them once the power is back. Whether it is a small desktop computer or an entire data center, UPS systems can protect and support any type of network equipment.

UPS – Functional, Powerful and Reliable 

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A UPS, also known as Uninterruptible Power Supply, prevents the loss of even unsaved data or a document that you’ve been working on for some time even if there is an extended power failure. UPS systems will provide power to the connected devices and will also keep their internal battery charged till the time the electricity is back. They also protect your devices from electricity problems like power surges and voltage fluctuations.

There are different types of UPS systems that include a standby model, ferroresonant, line-interactive, online and double conversion, and a delta model. Some models feature surge and noise protection options that will prevent your desktop and audio/video devices from damage or disruption caused due to voltage fluctuations, lightning, and surges. They also have a Voltage Regulation feature that provides just the right voltage and will not cause any damage to your devices. Based on your need for a UPS, you can opt for an appropriate model for your home or office. 

These systems usually come with built-in batteries and a power cord. So you can simply plug them into the power socket and plug in your computer and other audio or video devices to the UPS systems’ outlets. 

Why worry about going from one store to another when it comes to buying a product? With the emergence of online shopping portals, you can buy a UPS online. Choose from brands like APC, Microtek, Intex, Luminous, V-Guard, Numeric, iBall, Zebronics, and many others. These e-commerce websites also have filters that let you compare the features, specifications, and prices of two or more products. You could also refer to some reviews online for a wise buy. Shopping online helps save a lot of time when compared to going to a store to make a purchase. 

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