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World’s veteran search engine Google is also revealing 5 main measures to protect against corona

For the fast growing use of internet and information, it has become our habit to search Google first. At this time, everyone in the world has been affected by the corona virus epidemic. Meanwhile, in the Internet world, the world’s best search engine Google is also providing online information and awareness to its users.

Google has highlighted the five main points of protection against Corona Virus on its Google Home Page for the past almost a week. In the present time, Google Search is being used the most in the entire world to find information and search for topics on the Internet. Therefore, to prevent the corona virus, Google is also adopting the most excellent method of public awareness. With this, more and more internet users are reaching awareness of Corona virus and how to prevent it.

coronavirus tips
coronavirus tips

For your information, let us know that globally, Google shows any information related to a particular person on the home page of its Google Search. These days, if anyone is searching for anything on the Internet through Google, then he will definitely see the 5 major tips given by Google to prevent corona virus.

Following are the top 5 measures to protect against corona virus appearing on the home page of Google Search Engine-

Help stop coronavirus

1-HANDS Wash them often
2-ELBOW Cough into it
3-FACE Don’t touch it
4-SPACE Keep safe distance
5-FEEL sick? Stay home

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