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How to do Internet Speed test on Google?

Google Internet speed test, Check online Internet speed test

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to tell you about online internet speed test, with the help of which you can check the speed of your internet server very easily. So let’s start ….

Friends, there are innumerable people who use the Internet all over the world. Sometimes billions of people work on the same internet server at the same time, due to which there are more number of internet users on the same IP address server, the speed of our internet is reduced.

Often our internet speed decreases during google search. Due to low internet speed on Google, we are affected in many ways. Like – Google search results take a long time to come. Due to reduced internet speed, it takes more time to open any website.

Apart from this, our downloading speed decreases with the decrease of internet speed, as well as the speed of the internet server decreases, our uploading speed also decreases. Due to which there is a delay in uploading any file on the internet.

In internet browsers, mobile phones or PC Laptop Computer etc., while using the Internet, the above difficulties are faced as soon as the internet speed decreases. At the time of internet usage, it is often not known that the speed of our internet server is low. Which takes a long time in our internet work.

Internet Speed Tester - The Internet Tips
Internet Speed Tester – The Internet Tips

Delay in opening of webpage during Internet usage, delay in File Downloading, File Uploading makes our internet server experience reduced speed. By checking it online in time, we can change our internet server and use another internet server, so that our work on the internet will be done quickly.
Friends, Google has provided a better platform for Internet Speed ​​test. Through which we can check the speed of our internet server online. Google also suggests to check online internet speed on its partner company Measurement Lab (M-Lab). With the help of which in a few seconds we can test our internet speed on google.

Google Internet Speed test - The Internet Tips
Google Internet Speed test – The Internet Tips

After checking Internet speed on the Measurement Lab (M-Lab), accurate information is given about the speed of your internet server. Result for both downloading and uploading speed of your internet server is visible in Internet Speed ​​Test Result.

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