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Google Site Kit official WordPress plugin Lunched

Hello friends
Today I have brought for you all the people running the WordPress website. A very good news,

Google, the world’s largest internet search engine, has launched a great WordPress website plugin,

the name of this plugin – “Google Site Kit”.

With the help of this plugin, you will now get the features of your website ranking, monetization,

SEO, Google search engine fast indexing, etc. in this companion plugin, by going to the “Add

plugin” section of the WordPress website to install this plugin. The name “Google Site Kit by Google” is to search,

Google Site Kit Plugin Instalation - The Internet Tips

This plugin, recently launched by Google, has been installed in seventy thousand websites so far,

with the introduction of the new plugin “Google Site Kit”, the people running the WordPress website have a lot of convenience,

In an easy step to install this plugin, you can singup this plugin through your website and link your website to “Google Search Concole”,

Googe Site Kit Set Up- The Internet Tips

Apart from this, after successfully installing “Google Site Kit”, you can also connect it to “Google Analisices”,

With the help of this plugin, you can apply for an AdSense account directly from your WordPress website,

and directly link your website with your AdSense account,

More new features have been added to this “Google Site Kit” plugin, which can prove to be very effective in making the WordPress website even better,

Friends, with the help of this “Google Site Kit” WordPress plugin we have mentioned,

you can improve your blogging career even more, as well as bring your website to Google search engine very soon if you If we liked this post,

then definitely share it to your friends too,

Thank you


  1. Prasad Prasad December 27, 2019

    Thank you so much very good information keep up the good work

  2. swara misra swara misra August 18, 2020

    You’d outstanding guidelines here. I did a search about the field and identified that very likely the majority will agree with your web page.

  3. Bharti jha Bharti jha November 3, 2020

    i have to say your article is quiet different from others

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