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How to create website favicon?

Hello friends.
Today I have brought for you all the very good information related to your website,

with the help of this you can make your website more professional, it can also make your website branding, so let’s start,

Step 1 – Create website logo

Friends, first of all we have to see what our website is about? And what kind of information is available to the people,

we have to make our website logo according to our website, make sure to keep in mind one thing while creating the logo,

your logo is very good if it is in PNG format, logo of PNG format Shiny and looks very beautiful on a computer or mobile screen,

Step 2 – Use favicon generated tool

After creating the logo of our website, we have to go to Google and search for favicon tool,

friends, I am sharing with you the favicon generated tool for my website, I love this website favicon generated tool.

You can reach the directory through this link on the website of this tool-


Step 3 – Upload website logo to favicon generated tool

After clicking on the website link above you will see some such interface,

in “Favicon Generated Tool” you have to upload your website logo by clicking on “Choose File“, after selecting the website logo.

You have to click on the Create favicon, after clicking on it, the people of your website will get ready,

Step 4 – Your website favicon ready

After your website favicon is ready, you will find the people of your website in zip file in many sizes,

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you can easily download the favicon of the website logo in the zip file,

or you can download your favicon in HTML or JAVA Script can be copied to the file and used anywhere,

Friends, hope that you all will like to know how to make website favicon,

now you can make your website more professional with the help of this post,

or you can brand your website by putting favicon on your website.

If you like our article, then definitely share it among more and more people.

Thank You ||

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