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Legal driving age of Moroccan citizens

Moroccan Minors Soon Eligible for Driving Licence Examination

Rabat – Moroccan minors aged between 14 and 18 will soon be able to pass their driving licence examination, according to a draft bill adopted yesterday by the government.

Rabat – Moroccan minors aged between 14 and 18 will soon be able to pass their driving licence examination, according to a draft bill adopted yesterday by the government.

Driving lessons - The Internet Tips
Driving lessons – The Internet Tips

The Governing Council, meeting on December 28, adopted two draft decrees concerning the application of the Highway Code. The first text concerns minors over f 14 and under 18 years old who wish to pass the “AM” driving test, reserved for mopeds with a displacement of no more than 50 cc. Their applications will now be subject to certain conditions specified in the decree.

The same text also updates certain provisions relating to notifications of drivers in the case of offenses requiring the withdrawal of points from the driving license. These cases have been completed and certain provisions have been added concerning the number of points remaining on their licences after the offenses.

The second decree concerns professional driving. Carried by the Secretary of State for Transport, the legal text now requires to have the professional card to be able to drive the assistance vehicles intended for the towing of broken or damaged vehicles.

For the government, it is a necessary measure to “strengthen the skills of this category responsible for driving the vehicles used in this activity and improve the level of road safety.”

A. To drive abroad with a Moroccan driving licence

In order to help Moroccan citizens drive a vehicle abroad with a Moroccan driving licence, the  Kingdom of Morocco concluded some bilateral agreements of recognition and conversion of the  Moroccan driving licences with a certain number of countries (see list below).

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The countries signatories of these agreements authorize the holders of a driving licence,  delivered by the Moroccan authorities, to drive on their territory during their short stay (tourism,  training course, studies, formations, etc.);

In the event of long stay, the interested parties must carry out the conversion of the driving  licence and this shall be made in accordance with the conditions envisaged by the legislation in  force in the host country.

Concerning the documents required for the conversion of the licence, the interested parties must  refer to the legislation in force in these countries.

For the countries, with which Morocco did not conclude an agreement on the matter, it is necessary to have an international driving license.

B. To drive in Morocco with a foreign driving license

The law n° 52.05 bearing road code allows driving on the national territory by means of a  foreign driving licence under the following conditions :

  • Moroccans residing abroad may drive in the national territory, for a maximum of one year  from the date of their final residence in Morocco, with a valid driving license;
  • The people of foreign nationality may drive on the Moroccan territory if they are holders of  a valid driving licence which is issued abroad, but this shall be only for one duration of a  maximum of one year as from their temporary stay in Morocco as it is fixed by the legislation  and the regulation in force relating to the entry and stay of foreigners in the Kingdom of  Morocco.
  • Upon the expiry of the one year duration referred to above, the holders of a licence delivered  abroad must take the tests for obtaining the Moroccan driving licence or ask for the exchange  of their driving licence.
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The exchange of the driving foreign licence is possible in the following cases:

  • If it is delivered by a State with which Morocco is bound by a mutual agreement of  recognition of driving licence;
  • If it is delivered by a State which admits the exchange of the Moroccan driving licence for a  national licence.

Except for the above mentioned cases, the Moroccans residing abroad and going back  definitively to Morocco may exchange their foreign licences for a Moroccan licence, even in the  absence of a mutual agreement of recognition of driving licence between Morocco and the  State which delivered the foreign licence.

C. To drive in Morocco with an international driving licence

Foreigners, who hold an international driving licence, may drive on the Moroccan territory  during the period of validity of the licence. However, this duration cannot exceed one year.

D. Obtaining an international driving licence in Morocco

To obtain this type of permit, you must have a permanent and valid Moroccan driving  license, and applying to the offices of “Touring Club of Morocco”, by submitting the following  documents :

  • CNIE or Passport (original + copy); 
  • Moroccan driving license (original + copy); 
  • Two photographs; 
  • Applicable fees. 

For more information, please contact one of the offices of “Touring Club“, at the  following addresses:

  • Casablanca : 3, Av. de l’Armée Royale. – Tél : + 212 5 22 20 30 64
  • Rabat : 45, Rue Patrice Lumumba. – Tél : + 212 5 37 76 45 39
  • Marrakech : Guéliz, Rue Oued El Makhazine. – Tél : + 212 5 24 43 14 90
  • Tanger : 2, place de France. – Tél : + 212 5 39 93 24 64
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