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What does Google know about you? Find out this way

Google knows a lot about you. Yes, Google monitors your activity on the Internet and gives data related to it to other companies.

This data is used to show you advertisements. If you feel that your data should not go to Google, then you can also close it. Also, you can see that what data store Google has with you.

Know how


Google prepares user profile

If you have enabled web and app activity settings on Google account, then Google tracks your activity not only from your products but also from third party apps and websites.

Based on this data, Google guesses many things related to the user and creates a user profile, which is sold to advertising companies.

Based on this, companies show their advertisements.

Activity track

What does Google guess about you?

Google creates a profile based on your activity on the Internet. For this, Google uses your age, gender, relationship status, etc.

Apart from this, on the basis of your activity, Google also knows which team, which brand, sport, city, celebrity, service and pet you like.

Accordingly, Google includes your likes and dislikes in its profile.


How to find out what information Google has with you?

If you want to see how the company has your profile, then you have to go to Google account.

First, sign in to Google account and go to Settings. Here, ‘Manage your data and personalization’ will be seen. After scrolling down on it, the option of ‘Go to Add Settings’ will appear.

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By tapping on it you will see your profile ready. It will show all the things prepared based on your web activity.


How to remove the activity seen in the profile

If you want to remove any activity seen in your profile, tap on it.

After this they can be ‘turned off’. In the option like Gender, you will see ‘Update’ button instead of ‘Turn off’, you can leave it if you want.

After removing the activity of your choice, do not forget to turn off the web and app activity. If not done then Google will store your data again.

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