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When does YouTube monetize your channel?

YouTube Monetization Complete Process 2020-21

Hello friends, today I am going to give you all very important information related to YouTube monetization. If you also have a channel on YouTube, then this post of ours can be very useful for you. So let’s start

Friends, as you may know, YouTube has made a lot of changes in its program policies within the last few years. This change on the YouTube platform includes YouTube monetization, YouTube Studio Beta version, Channel Video Revive, etc.

Information about changes made by YouTube on its platform. It also works to make its YouTube craters aware from time to time through information on their dashboard or registered email of YouTube channel.

In the year 2020, some special changes have been made by YouTube in relation to monetization. Now it is most important for you to know when YouTube monetizes your channel’s videos. Or when do you start earning via monetization on your YouTube channel?

Friends, to start monetizing your channel on YouTube, the first time starts the special process of monetization of the channel after having 4000 thousand hours of watch time and 1 thousand subscribers complete.

YouTube Monetization Complete Process 2020 - The Internet Tips
YouTube Monetization Complete Process 2020 – The Internet Tips

Even after all the standards of monetization on your channel are met, your channel monetization does not happen immediately. After all the conditions of monetization on the channel are fulfilled, YouTube revives all the videos in your channel. YouTube first checks your channel in its revive. And YouTube also checks whether your channel’s content meets your videos or not. If your channel’s niches and your videos do not match, then your channel will not be monetized even after four thousand hours of watch time and a thousand subscriber completes.

YouTube Monetization Complete Process 2020 - The Internet Tips
YouTube Monetization Complete Process 2020 – The Internet Tips

The most important point of monetization of your YouTube channel is that your channel’s niches and their videos match.

In the second phase of YouTube monetization, your channel gets an in-depth look at all those videos which have the highest viewership. During the revive of your channel, YouTube watches to see whether the videos of those videos on your channel have the maximum viewership of the respective channels. Monetization on your channel requires that all the viewers with the highest number of viewers on your channel are similar to your channel.

YouTube Monetization Complete Process 2020 - The Internet Tips
YouTube Monetization Complete Process 2020 – The Internet Tips

In the third stage of monetization of the YouTube channel, we see whether the recently published videos on the channel are related to your channel’s niches. For monetization on your channel, it is necessary that recently published videos meet your channel’s niches.

In the fourth stage of monetization of YouTube channel, you give the final report of monetization of your channel. YouTube observes that if there is no copyright strike on your channel and your channel complies with all the policies and conditions of the YouTube program then your channel should be monetized within about 2 or 3 di days after all the above stages. Will go

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