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Important things related to free guest posting –

1- The article you sent to The Internet Tips website should be unique. The article you sent should not be copyrighted in any way. If the article you have sent is unique then it will be 90% expected to be published on our website.

2- The article you send through Free Guest Posting will be published on The Internet Tips website within at least 24 hours. In special circumstances it may take 2 to 3 days.

3- You can take only one do-follow link through free guest posting. In case of more hyperlinks being used in the article you send, the chance of publishing on our website will be reduced.

4- Articles sent by you through free guest posting will be accepted for publishing only if they are related to the categories given in our website.

5- Photo does not have special role in the article you sent in Free Guest Posting. If you have a photo related to the article, you can send it. If there is no photo related to the articles, then your articles will be published on the website.