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How to do Screenshot for PC Screen

Today we will learn tips to screenshot computer screen

Hello friends
Today I have brought a very good information for all of you from your PC or computer. With its help, you can “Screenshot” any activity of your computer or laptop screen in full screen.

So today’s post “How to Screenshot PC screen” is going to be very important for you, so let’s start.

Often while working on our computer, we see that sometimes the computer or our laptop gives us some commands in the form of notifications.

If you have to send the notification given by this command or computer to a friend, then it is very difficult to take a photo of that command.

Because while working on the Internet and other software in the computer, we get the Snipping Tool of the computer, so that we can easily crop any matter.

But the snipping tool does not work in the background of the computer. Therefore, you have a lot of difficulty taking screenshots of your matter. Here, with the help of only 2 keyboard keys, you can easily take a screenshot of any of your PC or laptop computers.

For this, you have to Press “Insert + PrtSc SysRq” Key together in the Keybord of your computer or PC. After pressing both keys simultaneously, a fullscreen of your PC or laptop will be screenshot. In this way, after screenshot with the help of these two keyboard keys,

you have to paste Apne into any Photo Editer software Adobe Photoshop or Paint PC tool. A screenshot taken by you will come there. Now you can crop it according to your usage.

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