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Tips for booking train tickets in minutes on IRCTC website

Let us know how you can book a train ticket in minutes. Understand in steps …

  • Register on IRCTC’s site and login by entering your username and password. After this, go to ‘Book Your Ticket’ page and get the form- Station, date of travel and in which class to travel … Fill all the information.
  • Now to find out which trains are available to your destination, select ‘Find Trains’ option. The list of trains will open on the next page. If you want to know the timings and routes of the train, then click on the name of the train. Select its train and fill the class in it.
  • Now click on ‘check availability & Fare’ to know the availability and fare of the train. The fare seen here will be that of an adult traveler. Book a ticket by clicking ‘Book Now’ in the selected train.
  • Now recheck all the information in the page which will open in front of you. After this, fill the names, age, seat priority etc. of the passengers. Names must not exceed 16 characters.
  • Now to get free SMS for booking and cancellation, fill the mobile number of the passenger and click on the ‘Next’ button. If all is right, then click on the Continue book and if you want to change any information, then click on ‘Replan booking’. After this, all the information will come on your screen.
  • Now turn to payment. By clicking on the Continuance booking option, you will get payment options like credit card, net banking, mobile wallet etc. Choose Payment Gateway.
  • Then click on ‘Make Payment’. After successful payment, ticket confirmation page will open in front of you. And through SMS you will also get the message of virtual reservation.

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