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Work from home focus tools

If you want to do office work from home, then the biggest problem comes in focusing on work. Small online problems keep coming, which makes it difficult for a lot of people to focus on work. If you want to keep yourself away from troubles during work, then you can take help of some online web tools.

Keep me out

When working from home, it is not prohibited to visit websites like social media sites, YouTube etc. But such a website is not only a waste of time but also distracts from work. Keep me out web tool is the solution for this. Which supports all web browsers. Its specialty is that with its help you can block the distracting website for a fixed time. For this, you can bookmark such a website here. This way social media keeps you away from sites and other similar websites during work.

Mindful Browsing

If you want to keep yourself away from time-wasting websites, then mindful browsing chrome-extension can also be used. You can tell from this what kind of website you have to stay away from. Then this tool prevents you from opening that kind of websites. If you still go to visit these websites, then it is suggested that it is better that you take a 5-minute brith or use this time, you also get better background images in it. It can be used only with Chrome browser.


In terms of focus boost, it can also be useful for you. Talking about its features, it analyzes how much time you spend on which website apps, etc. during the work. It also tells how productive you are during work, this will help you to know how much time is wasted due to social media and videos. Here you can see daily and weekly graphs of how focused you were during work. It also alerts to work through reminders during working time. This can help you know where your precious time is wasted. It can be used with Chrome Mozilla Firefox.

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